Botanical Garden

Located at Mirpur, near the Dhaka Zoo, a serene place away the main city, dazzling with nature's opulence.

Spread over an area of 205 acres of land it has a collection of nearly 100 species of local and foreign plants. Outstanding attractions are the hundreds of varieties of roses, the multitude of types of bamboo in the bamboo groves, the sandal wood and old banyan trees

Botanical Garden
Location: Mirpur, Dhaka,
Close Days: None
Visiting Hours: During March-November from 9am-5pm and
during December-February 9am-4.30pm.
Entry Fee: tk.5/Entrans (Adult) and tk.2/Entrants (Child); tk.3/
Entrants (Members of any study tour with prior
permission from authority)
Tel: 8033292


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