Chiang Mai

The religious city of Chiang Mai is a much calmer city than Bangkok but still a necessary visit on the travellers trail. Dotted with temples, craft shops, tasty restaurants, Thai massage and cooking schools the city has somehow a relaxing and relatively tranquil environment.

Many travellers often cite Chaing Mai as their favourite Thai city and once visited it’s easy to see why it’s so popular. Its location high in the north mountainous region of Thailand also makes it’s a perfect base for the popular mountain treks and organized treks can be arranged very easily here. The trails from Chiang Mai are although very interesting are often a well-worn path and many backpackers now head for nearby Pai – a gorgeously located traveller’s Mecca popular with artists and musicians. Pai also offers less touristy and more ‘rustic’ treks and visits to hill-tribes.


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