Swat "The Switzerland of Pakistan"

Swat valley is located about 160km from capital city Islamabad. Swat river is a famous river that flows through district swat. It is situated in Hindu Kush moutain range. Saidu sharif is the capital but Mingora is the biggest town in Swat. Sky high mountains lush green meadows and sparkling lakes are tourists main attraction. Swat is known as "Switzerland of Pakistan".

How to Get in:
Swat is accessible only by road and is on way from mardan to mingora. People here are hospitable and caring. There are a lot of hotels and lodging facilities available. Due to recent unrest in Swat areas the tourists are not being attracted as once were. But with peace being restored it is hoped that this would rejuvinate with hustle and bustle of tourists.

Tourist Attractions:
There is a magnificent ski resort in Malam Jabba, Swat. Hiking tracks and fishing spots are also popular activities.


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