The Sundarbans - Mangrove Forests

In the south western part of Bangladesh lies the largest single block of tidal halo- phytic mangrove forest in the world – The Sundarbans – The land of the Royel Bengal Tiger.

This mangrove of serene natural beauty with peach and tranwuility is one of the world heritage site in the country.

It is a cluster of islands densely forested and crisscrossed by hundreds of meandering streams creeks rive and estuaries. It is one of the richest repository of biodiversity with 330 species of mangrove plants, 424 species of wildlifes including 315 species of birds. It is a natural habitat if spotted dear, crocodiles, wild boar, lizards, monkeys, pythons , kind cobras and of course kingly Royal Bengal Tiger. This heavily forested swampy land is the last strong hold of more than 400 Royal Bengal Tigers. The life style of the wood cutters, nomadic fishermen and the daring honey collectors have enhance the charm of this unique beauty.

1) Hiron Point (Nilkamal) for tiger,monkey,  deer, birds, crocodiles and natural beauty.
2) Katka for deer, tiger,  varieties of birds and monkey, crocodiles, morning and evening symphony of wild fowls. Vast expanse of grassy meadows running from Katka to Kachikhali (Tiger Point) provide opportunities for wild tracking.
3) Tin Kona Island for tiger and deer.
4) Dublar Char (Island) for fishermen. It is a beautiful island where herds of spotted deer are often seen to graze.
5) Karamjal Mangrove Arboretum, View Dolphin jumping, Deer and Crocodile rearing station
6) Kachikhali for Virgin beach Night canoeing Deer, Crocodiles, Monkeys and Monitor lizards
7) Mandarbaria for Turtle breeding spot, Dolphins, King Crabs and numerous species of crabs

Means of Communication: Water transport is the only means of communication for visiting the Sundarbans from Khulna or Mongla Port. Private motor launch, speedboats, country boats as well as mechanized vessel of Mongla Port Authority might be hired for the purpose. From Dhaka visitors may travel by air, road or rocket steamer to Khulna - the gateway to the Sundarbans. You can start journey from Dhaka to Khulna by road or by river. The quickest mode is by air from Dhaka to Jessore and then to Khulna by road.

Journey time: It varies depending on tides against or in favor in the river. Usually it takes 6 to 10 hours journey by motor vessel from Mongla to Hiron Point or Katka.

FAMOUS SPOTS: The main tourist spots in Sundarban are Karamjol, Katka, Kochikhali, Hiron point and Mandarbaria. Hiron Point (Nilkamal) for tiger, deer, monkey, crocodiles, birds and natural beauty. Katka for deer, tiger, crocodiles, varieties of birds and monkey, morning and evening symphony of wild fowls. Vast expanse of grassy meadows running from Katka to Kachikhali (Tiger Point) provides opportunities for wild tracking.
Tin Kona Island for tiger and deer.


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